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You sat alone at the swings in the park. Only the age of 8 and already you know the truth about life; It's complete utter bullshit.

You sighed, and kicked your small legs around, making the swings swinged slightly. You ran away from home and you only brought a few clothes with you, but no footwear. You wore a cute white sundress with a cute watercolour-designed sunflower pattern at the edge of your dress. Your bag filled with clothes sat gently on your lap as you continue to swing slightly. You picked up your bag and slid off the swings. You gotten used to the ground dirtying your small bare feet. The weather was cold and you have no jacket or anything to warm you up. You sighed and looked up at the sky. It's a beautiful night sky with a few stars plastered on it with a full moon shining. You look back down to the night city life. Hungary at night is actually quite a beautiful thing to see.

You coughed loudly. Of course, with the freezing cold, you could get sick easily. You quickly walked away from the swings and out of the park to a random direction, as long as you are very far from home, you could feel safe. With cuts and bruises on your arms and small body, being outside isn't quite safe either. You regret leaving the swings set, because you really don't want to move anymore, but you have to proceed on your never-returning adventure if you don't want to be caught. You have a slight limp in your walking style, for there a gash on your knee, which you ignored as you kept walking. Not getting beaten to a pulp and alone at peace feels rather great. But, the only problem is, is having no place to keep warm. You sighed as you walked to an alleyway, making sure there is absolutely no one there. You sat down, leaning against the wall and tried to warm yourself up and slowly drifted off to sleep.


"I'll be back, I'm just going to take a midnight walk, okay dears?" Erszi called to her two pets, as she put on her cute pink jacket and walked out of her home. Her magenta orbs fixed to the ground, watching her feet take each step, her brown mary jane shoes making quiet sounds with each step she took. She shoved her hands into her jacket pockets as she kept walking. Her strawberry blonde hair, which is neatly tied into a ponytail with a carmine coloured hair ribbon sways with the nightly wind. As she walks passed an alleyway where a young girl is asleep, she stopped dead in her tracks as she heard a small sneeze. The Hungarian turned on her heels, now facing the alleyway and looked for the source of the sneeze, until she looked down.

The pink-themed young lady took a closer look of the girl. She has a messy (Hair Length) (Hair Colour), with unknown coloured eyes...well, because she has them closed. Erszi noticed the cuts and bruises that covered the small body and she frowned. 'Alone in the cold, with no jacket and a lot of open cuts and bruises. I need to take care of that...' She picked up the weak body, along with the girl's bag and skip-runs back to her home.


You slowly woke up, nicely covered in warm blankets and in a bed. You quickly sat up and noticed bandages that are nicely wrapped around your cuts and bruises. You rubbed your eyes and looked around again.

You are in a room.

You are not in the freezing cold, in an alleyway.

The room you are in is dangerously unfamiliar.

You slid off the bed and left the bedroom. You quietly walked downstairs to the living room. The room is very nice and tidy, with pastel-colours themed furniture, with cute pastel yellow walls. You feel as if you're in a doll house--until you noticed what you assume to be a wolf laying on a pile of blankets having sleeping. On the window sill, you noticed a white with strawberry blonde spots cat sleeping also. The cat has a cute carmine ribbon wrapped around her neck, so you assume that is a female cat. You heard a sweet humming sound coming from the kitchen, and you nervously followed the sound. You layed your eyes on a sweet young lady cooking something.

At 12:00 AM.

You wanted to speak, but a squeak slipped from your mouth. Either way, you got the pink lady's attention. She stopped focusing on what she is cooking and layed her magenta eyes on you. She smiled softly. "You're finally awake! I'm sorry for just taking you from the streets without your permission. It was just cold outside and you were going to get dangerously sick like that, and with the cuts and bruises, it was going to get worse."

'She has a rather cute voice' you thought. "Thank you, miss..." You nervously said. She motioned you to take a seat. "My name is Erszi Héderváry." She greeted as you took a seat on a cute pink chair. "I'm (First Name) (Last Name)." You greeted back. You watched as Erszi continued to cook whatever she is cooking. You blinked a few times. "So, uh...what are you making?" You asked as you hear her hum. "I'm making some gulyásleves, surely you are hungry, correct?" She asked. Come to think of it, you've been hungry since you ran away from your nightmare of a home. You 'mhm'd as you nodded. She silently giggled. "I'll prepare a bowl of it for you in a moment, then we'll talk about why you were sleeping in an alleyway, if that's okay with you."

As she placed a nice bowl of gulyásleves in front of you with a spoon, you began to shovel the food down your throat. Erszi blinked as she watched you practically devouring the soup. 'Oh boy...she's really hungry....' she thought as you finished the soup rather quickly. "S-so, uh...why were you sleeping in an alleyway?" She began. You gazed away from your empty bowl to her magenta eyes. "I simply ran away from home." You said. You noticed a soft frown. "I'm sorry for asking personal questions, but is there a reason why you did so?" The pink Hungarian asked. You looked away from her eyes and looked down. "Because, my parents hurts me with punches and knives. Most reasons is because I'm a waste." You could sense the young lady's frown deepened. You quickly looked up when you heard her stood up from her seat and picked up your empty bowl and lazily placed it at the sink. She kept staring at the sink.

"(First Name)." You nervously perked up as you got slightly frightened at the sudden change of tone in her sweet voice.
"Y-yes, Miss Erszi?"
"Do you know where your parents live?"
"U-uh...(Street Address)."

You jumped as she suddenly twirled and faced you. She has a rather creepy-sweet smile on her face. "How about we both go over there tomorrow and give them a piece of our minds?" She said. You grown a lot more frightened. "We're not going to hurt them, right?" You asked. Erszi stopped smiling and stared at you. "Of course not, dear. Unlike most of my 'friends', I'm not violent." She smiled sweetly. You eased slightly. "Time to go to bed now, (First Name). We have a big day tomorrow." Erszi said as she walked out of the kitchen and upstairs. You followed behind and re-traced your steps to the room where you were as Erszi went ahead to her own room. You and Erszi bid each other goodnight before entering your bedrooms.

---[Bonus Ending To This Dumb Story]---

It has been two weeks since Erszi won against your parents at court, and successfully adopted you. As you lived with her, you noticed that she is actually quite lazy, and sometimes some of her 'friends' barge in to her home, using a spare key she normally hides near her front door. The most frequent visitors are Kuro; who has short jet black hair, lifeless-like red eyes and pale skin, Luciano; who has the same magenta-coloured eyes as Erszi, tanned skin and dark brown hair with an odd curl poking out, Lutz; who is quite muscular, with lavender eyes, and a scar lying on his cheek, and Roderick; as pale as an albino, but has dark-ish brown hair with an odd curl poking up, red eyes and a mole that lies under his lower left part of his lip. Kuro, Luciano and Lutz usually come in as a trio, as Roderick comes in solo, sometimes flirting up a storm with Erszi. You also noticed that Luciano always calls Erszi 'mamma', for some odd reason which you never questioned, as much as you wanted to. You assumed since they have the same eye colour, they'd be related in a sort of way.

You awoke the next morning, and noticed a large bag gently placed on the ground next to the bed where you laid. You peered into the bag and noticed cute dresses of different kinds and colours. You quickly looked up as you heard the door open. You calmed silently when you noticed it was only Erszi coming in the room. "Do you like the new dresses I bought for you? There are also shoes in the bag, since you were bare-footed when I found you." She said. You smiled widely. "Thank you, Miss Erszi!" You said as you took pulled out a red lolita-like dress that has bows at the end of the dress. You dug in to the bag and found cute dark red fluffy boots. You grinned like a cute idiot. "Thank you, so so much!"

Let's be honest, you are thankful that Erszi is a huge sweetheart.

Jesus fucking Christ remind me to never do Child!Reader shits ever again and let the professionals handle that because this just...came out terrible.

But, I'm doing it anyways because 2P!Hungary needs fics.
Lots and lots of fics.

You © Whatever
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
2P!Hungary design © MastermindDalek
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ZombieDswim Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
"Unlike most of my 'friends', I'm not violent"

Because her 1p is XD

I feel like Elizabeta would get along with the 2ps well...
kittyninja1212 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Awww~ This is cute~!
RintehHetalian Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
2p Hungary is so nice and probably the only 2p that isn't psychotic  ^^
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I think you should do more this one came out really awesome
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so this is 2p hungary
pretty awesome
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Why do I feel like 2p!Hungary is the only sane one in the 2ptalia world?
also, awesome story! ^^
Ahnnya Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
How I characterise some 2Ptalia characters, she isn't the only sane one u vu

Thank you~
McKosmo99 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh, you're welcome! I enjoy it when the 2ptalia characters are actually not about to kill poor reader, uwu
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